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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Neubauplan Machine Design Studio

Neubauplan Machine Design Studio was founded on 17th August 1981 in Pune, India, by Mr. Harshwardhan Gupta, a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering in First Class from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, from the 1976 Batch. He has been designing intricate machines since 1975.
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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dr Dilip Mahalanabis

The medical Journal The Lancet has called ORT as “the 20th century’s most important medical discovery”.Late last year four medical professionals - three Americans and one Indian – got the Prince Mahidol Award 2006 for doing work that led to the use of ORT (Oral Rehydration Therapy) – “an inexpensive but effective treatment of severe diarrhoea.” These four men are Dr Dilip Mahalanabis, who is a director of a non-governmental research organisation in Calcutta, Dr David R Nalin, former director at Merck & Co’s Vaccine Division in Pennsylvania, Dr Richard A Cash, senior lecturer at the Harvard University School of Public Health in Boston.These four pioneers were chosen from among 59 nominees in 29 countries.
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Monday, February 12, 2007

LG wins bid for low-cost 3G phone

The GSM Association selected a low-cost 3G handset developed by LG Electronics in a project aimed at accelerating the adoption of 3G services worldwide.LG competed against eight other handset providers that offered up a total of 18 phones. The phone, known as the LG-KU250/U250,powered by Qualcomm's MSM 6425 chip set is based on common specifications and criteria drafted by 12 operators for a GSMA program called "3G For All." The criteria included functionality, usability, logistics, market acceptance, target price, service and support, strategic commitment and form factor.
The need for such a phone was discussed in the GSM association meeting held in Delhi.
It can be expected that with onset of 3G phones, 2G phone manufacturing will shift to countries like India.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Filtering Arsenic From Water Wells

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) announced winners of the 2007 Grainger Challenge Prize for Sustainability. The contest sought innovative solutions for removing arsenic from drinking water that is slowly poisoning tens of millions of people in developing countries. Three prizes will be awarded from a field of more than 70 entries. The prize winners are recognized for the development, in-field verification, and dissemination of effective techniques for reducing arsenic levels in water. The systems must be affordable, reliable, easy to maintain, socially acceptable, and environmentally friendly. All of the winning systems meet or exceed the local government guidelines for arsenic removal and require no electricity.
Abul Hussam, an associate professor in the department of chemistry and biochemistry at George Mason University, Fairfax, Va., will receive the Grainger Challenge Gold Award of $1 million for his SONO filter, a household water treatment system.
Arup K. SenGupta, John E. Greenleaf, Lee M. Blaney, Owen E. Boyd, Arun K. Deb, and the nonprofit organization Water For People will share the Grainger Challenge Silver Award of $200,000 for their community water treatment system.
The Children's Safe Drinking Water Program at Procter & Gamble Co. (P&G), Cincinnati, will receive the Grainger Challenge Bronze Award of $100,000 for the PUR™ Purifier of Water coagulation and flocculation water treatment system.

The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

The European Union invited India to participate in its 54 billion Euro science and research programme (Fp7) that will run for five years. Researchers may look into the calls for proposals still open.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

India Innovation Growth Program

Lockheed Martin announced establishing the India Innovation Growth Program as a two-year project to expand global export opportunities for new Indian technologies. Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FICCI)and the IC2 Institute at the University of Texas at Austin are partners in this program.Approximately 30 Indian companies will then be selected to participate in an Entrepreneurship Workshop to be delivered by faculty members from The University of Texas at Austin. In the final phase of the program, a select group of six finalist companies will receive more intense business development training.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Indian Semiconductors Association

New policy on Semiconductors is on the anvil. The chip makers are in the news and besides them there are large number of start-ups in this field. Check the members of Indian Semiconductors Association.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Philips Optical Media and. Technology (OM&T)

Moser Baer joins the battle for next generation DVDs by acquiring a majority stake in OM&T, the Netherlands based R&D arm of Philips. The E10 million OM&T specialises in optical media R&D betting on Blue Ray discs. These are the next generation optical discs, which offer higher storage capacities and will replace the current compact discs (CDs) and DVDs.

DuPont Knowledge Center in India

DuPont announced plans to invest over $22.5 million to construct its first research and development center in India. The DuPont Knowledge Center will be located in Hyderabad and is expected to accommodate more than 300 scientists and other employees.Research at the site will focus on “integrated science” – the addition of biology to traditional strengths in chemistry and materials science – to develop the company’s application pipeline in India and other emerging markets. The site initially will focus on molecular biology, bio-informatics and polymer synthesis, with further R&D in the company’s application pipeline across all five of its business growth platforms.


Inventors and anyone interested in patents will be interested to know
that Google, as part of their apparent effort to patent every piece
of information on the planet, have put the entire corpus of the US
patent database on-line. It is an amazing collection of information.
Moreover, it is an extremely useful tool for inventors as it allows
you to search quickly for patents relevant to your ideas.

You can visit the Google Patent Search tool at

Inside India 2007

As global focus shifts to the Indian market, there is a curiosity to understand Indian consumer trends, beyond statistics. This unique 2 day event targets European and American companies interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Indian consumers, from a 'traditions and trends' perspective.
Dates: March 15-16, 2007
Venue: Danish Design Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark
Organised by: Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies

Monday, February 05, 2007

Boston VC delegation in India

Silicon Valley based VCs cemented their relationship with Indian start-ups thru a series of deals. Now come a large delegation of 40 VCs from East coast of USA. TiE, New Delhi coordinated Interaction meet was held on 5th Feb in Delhi. Saurabh Srivasthava , Chairman of IVCA gave an overview of VC funding. Three entrepreneurs who had gone thro the fire, K Ganesh , Deep Kalra and Sanjay Swamy gave a personal account of their happy journey in this track.