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Sunday, July 07, 2013

GLBAL INNOVTION INDEX; press freedom and innovation

Press freedom is one of the indicators  for sub pillar Political environment and India is ranked 113.
 I always thought Indian press is free but many reports rank us low. Press Freedom Index by Reporters without Borders ranked India 140 in 2013. Reason- increasing impunity for violence against journalists and growth of internet censorship.  World Audit press freedom index puts India in Part Free category.
Is there  relationship between press freedom and innovation? China the emerging innovation power  house is considered one of the worlds most restricted countries for both foreign and domestic journalists. So is Singapore.
What is needed? Better rank in international reports or media celebrating local innovations including applauding the early adopters and government for supporting Indian Innovation under public procurement?

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Global Innovation Index- Political Stability and Innovation capacity

The conceptual framework of GII relies on sub indices- The Innovation Input Sub Index and The Innovation Output Sub Index. Each is built around pillar, 5 for input and 2 for output. Further each pillar is divided into 3 sub pillars and each sub pillar is composed of individual indicators.
Political Environment is a sub pillar with Political Stability as indicator. India is ranked at 123 below countries like Angola, Bolivia, Botswana,Combodia etc. We know things are bad in India but are they so bad?
World Bank defines Political Stability as a measure of perception of a likelihood that the government will be destabilized or overthrown by unconstitutional or violent means including politically motivated violence and terrorism.
Investors are concerned with political/ national risks and credit rating agencies factor risks like:
Breach of Contract
Transfer and Conversibilityrestrictions
Non honouring sovereign financial obligationsG
Adverse regulatory changes
Civil disturbance

Why such low rank for Political Stability for India?
The report says that these indicators defining political environment in relationship to innovation capacity building is based on survey questionnaire.
Is this the best way?

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Global Innovation Index- a critique

Global Innovation Index 2013 has been released. India's low ranking at 66 lower than Bosnia and Hezegovina is a puzzle. All troubled  EU states, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Spain had much better ranking implying that economic hardships do not matter at least in innovation score. Jingoist in me prods to take pot shots at the massive document.
I notice several shortcomings with the indicators , weightage and data collected. Indicators like Press Freedom, cost of reduncy dismissal, ease of solving insolvency, wikipedia edits, YouTube uploads whatever their relationship to Innovation , will paint better picture of west. Indicators as percentage of GDP like electricity output , credit to private firms and those given for  population as denominator like ICT access for millions of people are skewed in favor of small, developed countries. Finally the data - ranking political stability for  India at 123, press freedom at 113 etc and  ignoring data on number of  graduates in science & engineering, researchers, patents, M&A all lead to questionable inferences.
Any comments???