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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tech Transfer 2012- hundreds of Life Science technologies on offer

As a part of `Innovation Cluster' project, Foundation for MSME cluster is organising two tech transfer events, one in Hyderabad and second in Ahmedabad. This is continuation of tech transfer shows held in 2011.
For the 2012 events, Entrepreneur ready technologies are globally scouted and  accessed by IKP Knowledge Park.
The Hyderabad event is scheduled on 9th February at Hotel Katriya .
Contact person; Sourabh, 9347345392,

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mosquito Repellent Wet Wipe from India

A product developed for Army now protects millions of babies . Mosquito Repellent Wet wipe is introduced in the civilian market by Jyothy laboratories Limited based on technology (Diethyl Phenylacetamide technology) developed in DRDE Gwalior lab. The tech transfer is facilitated by FICCI.
Product is priced at Rs 3/-.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

iAccelerator (CIIE-IIMA) 2011 start-ups making investment pitch on 25th January 2012

Start-ups enrolled under CIIE iAccelerator program are making their pitch for investment and investors can see the demo physically at Ahmedabad or virtually, from anywhere in the world. 
The line-up includes; created by Srinivasa Teja and Protik Roychowdhury, facilitating social net workers to croak on any web site like Facebbook. Mangoreder enables publishing interactive e books.There is TV Buddy for social networking of TV viewers, alma connect for colleges, giving a choice of 16.7 million colors, Framebench idea management software for architects & designers,mobile application provider ideophone , online advertising platform CAPTCHA, social media advertising platform  Zuvvuu etc.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Innovation awards for MSMEs: Drugs/Pharmaceuticals/Bio-pharmaceuticals- Hyderabad cluster

Several interesting innovations were shortlisted for this competition. Few given here;
1.Dr C Suresh Reddy of Nippy Chemicals developed AKG (Alpha Keto Glutoric Acid disodium salt) in partnership with DRDO. The product protects soldiers when they inhale cyanide.
2.Grace Drugs & Pharmaceuticals introduced in Indian market Liquid Filled two piece hard (Gelatin/ HPMC) capsules an alternative to Soft Gelatin technology.
3. Ocean Pharmacoat pvt ltd specializes in development of modified release pellets ( Ready to fill in capsules).
4.Herbochem developed process for extraction of Anti malarial drug-Artemesinin and farming practice for cultivation on over 1500 acres.
5.Nakoda Chemicals developed anti ulcer drug (Ecabet Sodium) and introduced the generic version in Japan.
6.Yegna Manojayam Drugs & Chemicals developed a process to reduce effluents by 50% cutting cost of production of Antibacterial formulations.
7. JC Biotech Pvt Ltd developed a commercially viable and eco friendly fermentation technology for manufacture of DHA, isolating microorganism from fallen mangrove leaves of Coringa river in East Godavari.
8. Symed labs limited invented a novel crystalline form of antibacterial API Linezolid.
9.Sigachi Chloro Chemicals developed a novel filtration technique for manufacture of Micro crystalline cellulose (MCC).
10.IMIS Pharmaceuticals developed  in-house a Capsule polishing devices at a fraction of brush type machine available in market.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Indian Innovators Association (IIA)-new year (2012) wish list

Time for new year wishes. IIA wish list for 2012:

1. Start local chapters: IIA is present in virtual world providing information and mentoring support to paid members and other innovators. Many innovators desired physical meetings and value added services for members. In the year 2012, IIA plans to start local chapters, starting with Ahmedabad & Hyderabad.

2. Promote Technology Management Professionals: Technology Management at firm level needs services of several professionals and IIA plans to develop market for their services in the commercial market.

3. Support regional entrepreneurial  networks: Initiatives on foot by stakeholders to build local entrepreneurial networks. IIA plans to support the local initiatives to form local networks with global/ national connectivity. 

Welcome your suggestions...