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Friday, November 27, 2009

Spark Awards

Kiran solar lamp is one of the award winners. Details at:

China's design awards 2009

See the designs at:

Augtics- real estate informatics company

AUGTICS is a management and technology consulting company providing “real estate information solution” and “real estate information-based consulting” to diverse set of consumers and clients. It aims to fill gap for professional consultancy in residential sector and brings out reports like Delhi NCR top 25 reidential projects. Promoted by Manoj Misra, a product of IIT, Roorkee with extensive experience in GIS.

Modified `Siddhataila' process from Dr Shantaram Kane

Dr Shataram Kane, Adjunct Professor, IIT, Mumbai and mentor to many innovators/ start-ups in Pune has developed a low cost process for extracting oils from vegetables/ herbs. The cooking is done in ordinary cooking pots and the filtration is simply through 2 layers of cloth stretched over a strainer.These oil extracts are found to be super activei.e reduce the daily dose of the natural product by a factor of 100 to 1000 compared to that commercially available concentrate. The initial results appear promising for treatment of Gas, constipation,Cough, Cold, insuling dose reduction etc
Want to test or learn? contact Dr Shantaram Kane at:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Villgro presents INNOHUB-The Innovation Fair for business partnerships with 20 Innovators on 11-12 Dec 2009 in CHENNAI

INNOHUB (part of a larger event UNCONVENTION – “Where path breakers meet path makers”) will be conducting it’s first event on 11th & 12th December 2009 at Hotel Green Park, CHENNAI whereby 20 of the most promising Innovators ranging from inspired individuals such as Aggi Magudeshwaran who has developed a patented technology for Non Electric Reverse Osmosis System for Water Purification to glorious institutes such as IIT Kharagpur will showcase their products & technologies and discuss business partnerships with Entrepreneurs & Investors through scheduled face to face meetings.

The details of all the products & technologies to be showcased at INNOHUB is available on and you could register online for free for participating in INNOHUB and scheduling face to face meetings with specific Innovators of your interest to discuss business partnerships or SMS “Villgro Innohub” on 54999 for more details.

Villgro also extends financial support of upto Rs.25 lac as Interest Free; Success based Loan as also incubation support through technology / product development and market development to Entrepreneurs.

In case of additional details or a specific request get in touch with Rajeev Surana on

91-9381755790 or

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Freedom to Perform in Government- case of TePP

I worked in Government for 19 years and an equivalant period in commercial firms before that- in small scale firm, in Tata firm and in Public Sector Undertaking. Is the popular impression that nothing (new/ significant) can be done in government correct? Read my personal account in this PPT:

Saturday, November 21, 2009


CircuitSutra a start-up incubated at Amity Innovation Incubator, focuses on IC/SoC Design Companies, Embedded Product Companies, and EDA tool companies with core competence System C modelling. Founder Umesh Sisodia worked in SCL, Cadence etc.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bi Box from start up evobi

Bi-Box is a small box with an Electronic Brain which can be connected to various electronic devices or toys and instructed to behave the way you want it to. It is supported under TePP. This start-up figures among the ten promising Indian companies by Global Thought.

Pruthvi- Universal TV demodulator IC based on Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture

Saankhya Labs, a fabless chip startup based in Bangalore, has announced its Universal TV demodulator IC based on Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture, and targeted at World TV and PC-TV receiver markets. Built on an ASSP (application specific signal processor) platform, the product named Pruthvi - is made up of programmable DSPs, and is the first demodulation IC to enable Global TV Chassis, the company claimed. The product prototype that supports all standards on a FPGA platform is ready and has been demonstrated to 6 major TV companies in Japan. Read more :
The founders, Viswa Kayagadde and Parag Naik worked at Philips Research lab and promoted Vayavya labs in 2006.

Sunday, November 08, 2009


inolyst is a young start-up, based in Bangalore, offering a package of Innovation management, IP advisory and IP licensing services to Indian firms. The comprehensive package includes, establishment of processes from `Idea generation' to`Revenue realisation'. Client firms will receive training in identifying opportunities for R&D/ product positioning after assessing IP and Business portfolio of competitors. IP acquisition is seen as integral part of R&D.

Biopreneurs:TheMolecular Millionaires

Want to be a Biopreneur- entrepreneur in Biobusiness? Read the guide from Dr Ryan Baidya. Apart from covering stages of innovation the book also covers fund raising, valuation, marketing and PR +IR (Public Relations and Investor Relations. All explained in simple text by a practitioner with insights.

Inventions for sale from Inventor Nagla

Prof Nagla, Dr Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, offers following innovations for transfer:
Patent No. 210090: Mechanism to clean the bird dropping in cage type poultry farm: The invention is related to automatic removal of bird droppings (garbage) under the cage structure of poultry farm. It is very simple to construct and affordable in cost. More important there is no need to alter the previous design of poultry farm for its installation. The said invention is useful to reduce manual labor charges (approximately 2000US$/ annum/shed) for cleaning and also useful to reduce diseases like bird flu.
Visit Stall no C-24 of NITJ at International Exhibition Clean India PULIRE-09, from November 12-14,2009 at Bombay Exhibition Center Mumbai, INDIA

Friday, November 06, 2009

TiE Shree Shakti awards

The TiE Stree Shakti (TSS) Workshop and Awards is a forum for women entrepreneurs to create trust-based partnerships through active networking. The objective of TSS is to create a platform of belonging for women entrepreneurs. The TiE Stree Shakti Workshops and Awards are scheduled on 12Dec 2009,Mumbai. For more details:

Winners of GE Edison Challenge.

The winners announced on 6th are:`Graminavitas' from IIT Chennai. Team members Kaushik Anand, Midhun Salim, Srinath Ramakrusshnan, Aswin Ramesh and Aditya Harit. Integrated Project involves Dehusking , gassification of husk, micro-grid and sanitaion. Ruuners up are team Energy Boosters, Venkatewara College of Engineering,Chennai, team members Netrah, Neha and Rahul Jain. Project is on Algae (Spirogyra) production using toxic waste from textile industry.Employees choice was team Tojoe from PSG College. Team Adithiya, Aravind, Ram Prasadh, Somasundaram and Vishwanath. Ptoejct- Solar pond.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Idea Bounty

Idea Bounty is a social think tank that provides a secure channel for the world wide creative community to offer solutions to creative briefs. A reward or 'Bounty' is offered for the Idea that best answers the brief and the contributor of the Winning Idea gets the cash.

Insights from GE research

Gopichand Katragadda, in his book `SMASH' talks of hand to mind barrier. Many analysts referred to our aversion to dirty hands leaving us a nation of million spectators always struggling to find 11 to soil in the field. Bright engineers for decades shunned shop floor jobs and reserachers lived in ivory tower unconnected to market. Gopichand also ( probably for the first time from any MNC) shares his insights on what makes GE and MNC R&D units such a productive places. The activities highlighted:

1. GECR-B Signature Programs: The idea is to have a branding and instill pride in the programs being worked by the team.

2.Learning Environment: A culture of learning and growth is maintained through technology specific and industry specific conferences organised by JFWTC.

3.Innovation Department: A constant focus on innovation is maintained through a variety of activities such as Business program Manager Challengers, innovation workshops by external experts, innovation process sharing with external companies, TRIZ training, tools, pilot projects, internal technical career path trainimng on innovation, innovation portal and idea management systems.

4.Customer connectivity: The indian session T (T for technology) held in 2006 broght together close to 100 GE customers and GE engineering, research, sales and marketing teams.

5. Cross JFWTC collaboration

A must read for all CSIR scientists.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Luna Ergonomics-clever texting

Can U send SMS by pressing only a single key?
Luna Ergonomics Pvt Ltd is based out of JSS Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Park at Noida. The startup is founded by Major Abhijit Bhattacharjee, an electronics engineer and a keen technologist, a former Signaller from the Indian Army. They have developed the Panini Keypad which supports composition and sending of SMS in 11 major languages of India. And offers SMS compression for the first time in the world increasing the payload of a SMS in an Indian language by over 300 percent. Luna Ergonomics also developed the first dictionary less statistical predictive texting technology which uses a dynamic allocation of keys and hence does not rely on printed keys on the keypad. This offers the possibility of supporting multiple languages on the same keypad. Also this is single key press typing. This technology called CleverTexting has also been developed for all the major languages of the world including Arabic and Hebrew.

Nokia Developers Conference 2009

The conference is scheduled on 7th Decemeber in Bangalore. Regisration fee Rs 750/- For details :

GE Edison Challenge finalists

Eighteen teams were selected for GE Edison Challenge final. The winner with prize money of Rs 5 lakhs will be selected on 5th November. See the finalists at:

Nebula Eclipse Goggles

Innovator Sujata Daka, left ISRO to start on a journey of creativity and Nabula Eclipse Google is the first among the innovative products on the roll out. It is a solar filter film with five seperate layers for 100% eye safety and an extraordinarily beautiful 'Cooling and Healing ORANGE image of the sun'. Buy one for Rs 25/-