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Thursday, September 18, 2014

10 technologies of tomorrow that will be in use in 2025

Based on research trends Thompson Reuters came out with 10 predictions of innovation.

  • Dementia declines,
  • Solar becomes the primary source of energy,
  • Type 1 diabetes become preventable,
  • Food shortages disappear with successful indoor crop growth,
  • Electric air transportation takes off,
  • Everything, everywhere will be digitally connected,
  • Cellulose derived packaging takes the market from petroleum based packaging,
  • Drug development will be more precise and cancer treatment will have few toxic side effects,
  • DNA mapping at birth becomes the norm,
  • Teleportation is tested,

Tuesday, September 09, 2014


AP govt has placed on web its draft policy promoting innovation and startups in the new state. TePP Outreach centers established in ANU, Guntur and SPMV, Tirupath several years back are probably the only active incubators in the state.

Innovation policy is a part of blueprint on IT Policy and action plan inviting proposals to manage incubators at Visakhapatnam,  Kakinada and Tiruathi. 


  • the objective is - an entrepreneur in every family,
  • the incubator at Visakhapatnam is a 3 story building with 50,000 sq.ft.
  • the fiscal incentives for IT promotion  include patent cost reimbursement to the companies having their headquarters in Andhra Pradesh, subject to a limit of Rs. 5 lakh (0.5 mil) per domestic patent awarded and Rs. 10 lakh (1 Mil) per international patent awarded. 
  • The targets -100 Incubators & Accelerators, 5,000 Companies & Start Ups to be incubated, One million sft of Incubation Space to be developed, Venture Capital of Rs 1000 cr to be mobilized for Innovation.
  • Colleges shall offer 20% relaxation in attendance and 5% Grace marks for those students who join an incubator,
  • distribute Rasberry Pi & Start-up boxes to ignite the imagination of students,
  • Innovation and Transformation academy would be established in Tirupati. 
  • The government will create an Innovation Fund of Rs.100 crore (1 billion) for entrepreneurs and businesses. The Fund will be in the nature of Fund of Funds. It does not invest directly into startup companies. It shall paricipate in the Capital of Venture Capital Funds, upto 15%. The VC Fund in turn is free to invest in startups located in AP, basing on its own criteria. 
  • Government would host a cloud sever that would connect all the incubation centers across the state. This server would be beneficial to all the start-ups at low or nominal costs. Based on the requirement, Government would procure Enterprise versions of key software required for testing and other purposes. These software and Labs can be utilised by the companies in the incubation space at low or nominal charges. 
  • An empowered ‘Andhra Pradesh Innovation Council (APInC)’ would be formed with the representatives of industry and the other stakeholders. 

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Massive Open Online Courses for Agricultural Professionals

The ‘National Virtual Academy for Indian Agriculture to promote Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for Agricultural Professionals’ was launched on 4 September at the ICRISAT global headquarters.
The MOOCs will be offered through the National Virtual Academy for Indian Agriculture, an online platform built on an open source software “Open edX,”.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Indian Renaissance & Design Thinking‏

Indian Renaissance is an initiative by Onio to reinstate India's leadership in innovation through holistic thinking in the fields of arts, science and business. Indian Renaissance is an attempt to bring back the 'holistic' 'intuitive' and 'humane' decisioning back into favour
The first workshop under this vision - DESIGN THINKING FOR INDIA  in planned (Sept 19-20, 2014) in Mumbai.

Believe in Indian story?
Believe made in India with design & IP from India can compete with Chinese?
Believe Renaissance preceded educational revolution and industrial revolution in Europe?

Join the party. 
Contact:, +91 750 707 6655

CII Design Excellence Awards

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has been espousing the cause of design in India and Indian design for more than a decade. Through its National Committee on Design, CII has been relentlessly promoting design within the Indian industry. Besides the annual CII-NID Design Summit, it has various initiatives going on around the year to promote design. As its ongoing pursuit to establish design as a tool for national competitiveness, CII initiated the “CII Design Excellence Awards” in the year of 2011, endorsed by The India Design Council.

The award showcases the celebration of the very best of Indian design commissioned over the past 24 months. It seeks to demonstrate the value of design to the Indian industry and is a true acknowledgement of the design excellence, innovation and originality of Indian Design.

This year (2014) applications are now open for the 4’th CII Design Excellence Awards. Apply Here

The applications for CII Design Excellence Awards can be submitted in any of the four main categories of Visual Communication, Industrial Design, Interaction Design and Mobility Design and their 32 sub-categories. Submissions are open to all companies and manufacturers operating in India. The details of the categories, application process and judging criteria can accessed at
Contact Ms. Pooja Sanchala at 011-45772016 or write to