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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Copenhagen wheel and kanak Gagoi

Copenhagen wheel project reminded of the various proposals received under TePP and a few supported under TePP and NIF. The most interesting is Kanak Gagoi's bicycle. Recuperating kinetic energy at braking is a known principle. Why did one project succeed and man others failed? I think the difference is in engineering. To convert many of our innovators initial prototypes into commercial products, we need organisations like SENSeable city lab.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Daseri Subramanyam- creator of Bhetal story

As a child the most fascinating story I read again and again was that of Bhetal and Vikramarkudu. The writer Daseri Subramanyam (85 years) died on 27th in Tenali, A.P

Established in 1947, Chandamama is the brain-child of visionaries B.Nagi Reddy and Chakrapani. The magazine was launched with an aim to entertain and educate young minds about the rich traditions of India. Chandamama has been delighting readers since then with engrossing stories, amazing facts, and thought-provoking features. Mention Chandamama, and one will instantly recall popular features such as Vikram/Vetala, stunning artwork, and beautiful renditions of mythological tales. Known for its vibrant illustrations and accurate depiction of traditional stories, the magazine has maintained its position as a brand that you can trust. Chandamama launched its first editions in Telugu and Tamil followed by versions in English, and other Indian regional languages. Currently they are the only children’s magazine in India to publish in 13 languages. was launched in 2007 with sites following in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi. And they continue to take giant strides as we enter other new media such as mobile phones, television, and films.Chandamama was acquired by Geodesic Limited ( in 2007, a Mumbai based publicly traded company with establishments in the USA, UK, Germany, Mauritius and Hong Kong.

Methane to Markets expo

First Methane to Markets Partnership Expo was held in the 2007 in Beijing, China and included more than 750 participants from 34 countries.The second Partnership Expo will be held in India, New Delhi from 2-5 March 2010.

Great Indian Developer Summit 2010‏

The 2010 edition of Great Indian Developer Summit features focused sessions, case studies, workshops and power panels .The GIDS.NET Conference scheduled on 20th April (IISc, Bangalore) will feature Cloud Computing, Rich RIA stories, Collaborative Development, The .NET Language treasure chest, Open Source .NET Alternants, Workhorse .NET and Web.NET.
The GIDS.Web Conference on 21st April will feature The Rich Web at Work, Web for Development, Browser as a Platform, RIAvolution, Rich Web Fundamentals, Rich Web stories from the trenches.
The GIDS.Java Conference on 22nd April will feature Cloud Computing, Frameworks, Architecture, Language, Tools & Techniques, Java & Open Source, Java Fresh - First look, Scaling Agility Barriers, DSLs in Action.

Red Herring Global Finalists

The list contains few Indian start-ups. See list at:

Technology Pioneers 2010

World Economic Forum has selected 26 companies as Technology Prioneers 2010. They were selected based on 6 criteria, Innovation, Potential impact, Growth and sustainability, Proof of concept. Members of WEF are not eligible , thus wholly owned subsidiaries of large firms are excluded.
Corventis makes a wireless cardiac monitor the size of a Band-Aid which has the potential to automate the provisioning of medical care in both developed and developing nations.MicroCHIPS makes intelligent in-body devices for people who need treatments that are not orally available. The tiny chips allow drugs to be released in the right place in the body, at the right time and in the right amount.BioFuelBox builds, owns and operates modular biorefineries that recycle brown grease, trap grease and waste water sludge for companies and cities, converting it into premium clean burning fuel for local use. It eliminates the waste streams on site and shares part of the fuel profits with its customers.Bloom Energy (promoted by NRI) aims to change the way the world generates and consumes energy by converting a wide range of renewable and traditional fuels into electricity through a highly efficient electrochemical reaction,rather than combustion.CARE has designed a turbine system that generates energy from the natural flow of a river, without any alternation of its natural state. It provides fish passage facilities and does not dam the normal flow of materials in the river.Lehigh Technologies manufactures very small, micron scale, engineered rubber powders from material derived from scrap tires using a proprietary, cryogenic, grinding technology.VNL (Vihan Networks), India has developed a solar-powered GSM station, which cost one quarter of traditional equipment, only require as much energy as a 50-watt light bulb, while traditional base stations powered by alternative energy require 3,000 W.Playfish, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing social game companies, allows friends to play social and mobile platforms.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Techfest 2010

Attended two events `Energize' and `Utkarsh' each attended by 20 teams of innovators. Energy and water were the focus areas of majority of the teams and all of them could identify real problems that could be solved with technological innovations.
Some of the innovations nearer to the market are: Solar cooker with hot plate for controlled cooking, Bicycle with standard dynamo for charging mobiles, Clay pipes for slow release of water to plants, small size Groundnut Decorticator, Areca nut leaf plate making machine, Fodder cutter with battery charging, single bullock driven weed remover, Biomass briquettes, impoved chula etc. Many teams worked on modern framing with moisture sensors, humidity sensors, water level indicators and even a SCADA for large scale implementation. Algae production, wave convetor, lawn mover with a different cutting system are some at concept stage

All the teams have come from outside IIT& NIT stream, which indicates improving base of engineering education. For details contact , student coordinator:

Nishank Gupta,Manager, Events, Techfest 2009-10, IIT

Monday, January 18, 2010

Buckling Restrained Braced Frames (BRBF) from Benne Narasimhamurthy Sridhara

Pankaj Mishra came with this great story of innovator Sridhara in Economic Times. Several interesting aspects of the story. The innovator is not a programmed reseracher working in lab- he is an user, onemore example of user innovations. Like other user innovations it was aimed at solving practical problem and not extension of scientific thought. Unlike many Indian innovators, he had the foresight to apply for patent. Another surprise was fudning by Tube Investment Limited, who was probably assigned the patent. All innovators reach dead end when convincing Indian users and same story here. An angel (idea champion) comes to the rescue by linking the patented innovation to the market needs in US. And in a typical US way the innovation gets incorporated in industry standard with Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) adopting his invention as part of its ‘code of practice’ .
A great story of Indian innovation with a happy ending.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bharti Airtel Innovation Fund

Invitations are accepted online from start-ups. The primary purpose of the fund is to provide a platform to budding entrepreneurs with a vision to build businesses based on innovation. The secondary purpose is to promote developments in leading-edge technology, content and software applications in the area of telecommunication services. Further, besides providing venture capital, the fund expects to leverage Bharti Airtel’s leadership position, its brand and its size. The Fund has an initial corpus of Rs 200 crores.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Duron Energy

Start-up Duron offers low cost solar powered system. What is remarkable is the embodiment of known elements into a product form. Read more at earth2tech.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

DYP-DC Center for Automotive Research and Studies

The “DYP-DC Center for Automotive Research and Studies” got launched on January 06, 2010 during AutoExpo 2010 in New Delhi at the hands of Mr. Ratan Tata.DY Patil Group is a major educational organization having three deemed to be universities and 160 educational institutions, covering various disciplines of knowledge in healthcare, engineering & technology, management, etc. Dilip Chhabria is a leading automobile designer having over 650 automobile designs on road to his credit. The first Director, who brought the promotors together is Hrridaysh Deshpande.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Submission of information on working of patent

All Patentees and Iicensees are required to furnish information in Form No.27 on working of patents as prescribed under Section 146of the Patents Act (as amended) read with Rule 131 of the PatentsRules 2003 (as amended). Attention of the Patentees/licensees are also invited to provisions of Section 122 of the Patents Act, 1970 (as amended) wherein penalty is prescribed for non-submission of such information.Therefore all Patentees and Licensees are called upon to comply with the above provision of Law by filing the information inForm 27 before 31" March 2010. See public notice No.CG/PG/2009/179 dated 234/12/2009. Also see:

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Nat Geo shaping the future winners

Winners from the finalists were selected on 5th January at IIT Delhi. The winner is Dr. DILIP SHRINIVAS VELASKAR. He carried out clinical studies to establish relationship betwen the presence of hyperactive platelets and cardivascular accidents, developed and patented a Rapid Therombocheck Test kit to detect hyperactive platelets. This low cost device comes as an attachment to cell counter and can be used by a lab technician.
See also
The innovation is faciltated with support from TePP.