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Friday, October 21, 2005

Discovery of India

Discovery of India by Warburg Pincus
Private equity investor Warburg, which invested nearly $300 million in Bharti between 1999 and 2001, walked away with a profit of $800 million from selling two-thirds of its holdings. At Bharti's current share prices, Warburg's remaining 6% stake in the company is worth some $700 million, or more than twice what it originally invested.
Warburg is the largest private equity investor in India by far, having ploughed $811 million into the country as of mid-2005.  This amount is more than twice the $362 million Warburg has invested in China, according to data provided by the National Venture Capital Association in Arlington, Va. And the investment in India generated returns in "the mid-30s over 10 years," making it most attractive place in invest. As for that vaunted Indian bureaucracy, Warburg repatriated its profits in 48 hours.
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