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Monday, July 09, 2007

iPod charger

"ion", the company, was founded by Vikram V Chadaga, Niara Ahmed and Swaroop C H. It all started one fine day when Vikram wanted to charge his iPod but didn't want to keep the computer on overnight just for that (it's a waste of electricity, and there might be powercuts too). So he went looking for the official Apple iPod charger but found it to be rather expensive. The other chargers in the market at that time were not good enough, especially keeping in mind the safety of the expensive iPod, and many of them were unbranded which made them even more risky to use. Being an electronics geek, he took one of the circuits which he had made previously to power some instruments in his home (the circuit was in live use in his home for nearly 5 years) and then use it to create a charger with a USB port. He put in a regulator to make sure his iPod is safe from power surges.He got excited and showed it to his friends and mentioned a crazy idea of producing more of these and selling them. Fortunately or unfortunately, Niara took him seriously and over a period of many months, encouraged him to really follow that idea. Together, they turned the idea to execution (investment and costing, sourcing of raw materials, finding an assembler, etc), and then Swaroop joined them to help them out with the marketing, the design and the website. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Very inspiring, this! Thanks..