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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Technology Pioneers 2008

World Economic Forums's `Technology Pioneers 2008' list includes one Indian start-up; Neurosynaptic Communications Pvt Ltd in Biotechnology/health sector and another Indian promoted US venture Nanosteller In Energy/Environment sector.

Neurosynaptic Communications is a telemedicine solutions company which has developed a remote low cost diagnostic kit to measure four primary parameters, viz temperature, blood pressure, ECG and heartbeat (stethescope) for teleconsultation.The ReMeDi™ (Remote Medical
Diagnostics) range of products and comprehensive telemedicine solution developed byNeurosynaptic in collaboration with the TeNeT group of the IIT Madras, allows transmission of various vital parameters about the patient to a doctor for preliminary diagnosis, either in real-time or in a store-and-forward mode.
Pankaj Dhingra's Nanosteller
is a clean technology company. Its Rational Catalyst Design methodology unites two disciplines – computational nano-science and advanced synthetic chemistry – to speed the pace of development for nanoscaled catalytic materials for diesel emissions control.

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