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Saturday, February 09, 2008


icamp is a BarCamp for innovation. Anuradha Goel and Prof Murli Nagasundaram have sent me this mail introducing the camp.

Today the word innovation find its place everywhere, yet this is an inscrutable subject for many (perhaps all) of us when it comes to action. The contextual nomenclature of innovation in our industry can further generate several new ambiguous questions, such as,

- What is innovation for a software service company?

o How can one innovate?

o Should innovation be top-down?

o Where do we start from?

- Why innovation is highly visible in a product company?

o Is it because more opportunity in new product development?

- How about innovation in non IT companies, are they doing better?

The collective understanding of innovation in an organization, society or country is deceptive, and practicing innovation is not easy, some time impossible. However sharing our individual belief, experience, learning and failure may bring a new perspective about making innovation happen. And more unstructured the platform to talk, the better we may share.

We are organizing first innovation unconferencing, Icamp on 23rd February 2008 in Bangalore.

See details at

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