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Friday, April 25, 2008

`Women Invent' from author Susan Casey

This is one of the most reader friendly book I ever read on Innovation yet very informative. Why did she write on this topic? To quote her:

"I was talking to my friend’s father about how he invented Bounce, the anti-static tissue for the dryer. He explained his inspiration. His wife couldn’t gauge when to put the liquid softener in the washer so she kept running up and down the stairs to check. That gave him, his name was Conrad Gaiser, the idea to invent something that would serve the same purpose but be used in the dryer. I thought his story was interesting so talked to a magazine about writing an article about the stories of the invention ordinary household items, like Bounce. The editor suggested I also find out about inventions by women. By the time I finished the research for the article I was so interested in the stories of women inventors that I kept on going."


DianneConnecticut said...

I met Susan decades ago in LA when we were in our 20s. She was taking a stab at magazine writing and while I wished her well, I secretly doubted she'd get published. But of course she did. Simple, straightforward prose explaining, as I recall, some kind of African sculpture. Now she's a proper author and her lovely writings are still accessible and ever so interesting. We've just reconnected, thanks to her book tour travels. I'm delighted you have discovered her all the way around the world.

Sarah Forth said...

I have read this book and it is fascinating! Common, every day products and often a woman's hand (and mind) is behind them.

Mikey said...

Yay Susan! She's my auntie and I wanted her to know how proud of her I am!!