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Monday, June 09, 2008

Free Patent lessons from TMP Searchers

TMPsearchers a Patent and Trademark Services website is
offering a Free Patent Training Course online to all registered members. The course lessons are sent by email one per day for 125 days. Membership is also free and only requires a simple registration step. Please check

This free service is offered as tribute to Sri NR Natarajan by Mrs Janaki Natarajan. A very touching incident narrated by Mrs Janaki Natarajan ... must read.


Abhishe Awasthi said...

Thanks a lot,

this course is really useful especially for a budding patent professional.

Senthil said...


In addition to that, I suggest you all to register for free online course Fundamentals of IP. Please visit the link.

Best Regards

Vijay said...

this course is really good.

jockey said...

it helps us very much

comp1983 said...

Excellent lessons On TM registration ,its need and value

biswajit said...

it's really great.

style & composition of the lessons are really uncomparable.

thank u again

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