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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome 2009 year of million creative ideas from India

Innovation is manifestation of a socio economic system and in India, a critical factor would be parental support. Are Indian middle class parents ready to drive their children towards the uncertain path of creativity & innovation? This is story one such a parent, who now represents the aspiring class of Indians- aspiring to see India as Innovative India.

T.A.Vijayan is a successful physician practicing in Chennai. He had a daughter Aparna and son Anandvishnu, both engineering college students. He encouraged his children to take the path of creativity and innovation.

Aparna is developing inhaler for insulin. She has a dream of developing insulin inhaler better than Pfizer’s exubra, a dry powder inhaler. She feels that this Pfizer’s product suffers from poor efficiency, long size and is patient unfriendly. What has she got to prove that she can do better job than Pfizer? She participated in Intel science discovery fair and won prizes. That made her confident to take challenge of solving complex problems in a simple way. With encouragement from her father , she and her brother developed an Asthma inhaler. They learnt that patenting is a first step and there is long way to go before product commercialization. She developed a prototype of a insulin spray and is prepared for the long haul. The sprayed insulin was chromatographically found to be active as normal insulin. She is clear what a good inhaler should be- it should be simple for illiterates & women, it should be compact so that one can hold it in hand and inhale and it should propel insulin in a free mist to reach the lungs without much mouth deposit. Animal trials have been completed and the innovator backed by her father is ready to invest in clinical trials.

Brother Anandvisnu is not keeping quiet. He is focused on developing a mosquito free air cooler. His dream is to make Delhi and other areas dengue free. He also participated in Intel Discovery fair in school, won awards in IIT Chennai.He developed a prototype of healthy Air cooler, filed for patents under PCT and is all set to test the cooler in coming summer.

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Anonymous said...

this is awakening India.We need this for creativity.New inventions can only create new economy.We will have Nobels too soon.