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Saturday, July 11, 2009

India leading Japanese in Automobile design!!!

Mahindra introduced Fuel smart system in October 2008. The press release states "The system is based on the simple principle of not burning fuel when it is not required. It automatically detects moments, during the drive, when the vehicle is idle and stops the engine. This conserves fuel, leading to reduced running costs, and also leads to reduced emissions. FuelSmart technology, thus, marks another innovative first by one of India’s leading auto companies". Much later Mazda introduced new generation car, which has iStop engine system described as "As a driver comes up to a stoplight, heavy traffic or anything that will halt forward progress, the clutch it depressed and the engine is then allowed to enter the paused mode.When it pauses, the combustion mixture is already in place and ready for ignition, so little or no help from the starter is needed. When the clutch is engaged again, the engine will automatically start in less than .35 seconds and be ready to provide power to get you moving again. While in the pause mode, a green indicator light will illuminate on the dash".

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