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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


The fall 2009 grant recipients are: MEMS for Large Area and Flexible Applications : Vladimir Bulovic A flexible paper thin micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) array that can be used for sensing and actuation over large surfaces. Device for Treatment of Cerebral Edema : Michael Cima A drug delivery device to treat brain edema with reduced systemic side-effects typical of conventional treatments.Stable Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Light Emitting Diodes : Karen Gleason Long-lived LEDs on flexible substrates providing energy efficient portable displays. (Renewal from Fall 2008 grant round.) A Novel Device for Label-free Cell Rolling Separation : Rohit Karnik and Jeffrey KarpA device for separating cells that could be used for the monitoring and diagnosis of a wide variety of diseases. A Wearable Sensor for Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Diabetics : Michael Strano A carbon nanotube based, minimally invasive, tissue implantable, glucose sensor. The sensor will allow continuous glucose monitoring for diabetes patients, resulting in improved glucose regulation and better health. Chemical Production of Functionalized Graphene for Enhanced Composite Materials : Timothy Swager The development of a chemical process to produce graphene at a very reasonable cost, leading to the industrial use of new composite materials. Nano-engineered Surfaces for Ultra High Power Density Thermal Management : Kripa Varanasi Heat needs to be removed rapidly from high power electronics or the semiconductors will fail. This project will develop a system to very rapidly dissipate large amount of heat from such devices.New Antibiotic Target : Graham WalkerA project to attempt to isolate lead compounds to develop a new antibiotic.

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