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Monday, November 02, 2009

Insights from GE research

Gopichand Katragadda, in his book `SMASH' talks of hand to mind barrier. Many analysts referred to our aversion to dirty hands leaving us a nation of million spectators always struggling to find 11 to soil in the field. Bright engineers for decades shunned shop floor jobs and reserachers lived in ivory tower unconnected to market. Gopichand also ( probably for the first time from any MNC) shares his insights on what makes GE and MNC R&D units such a productive places. The activities highlighted:

1. GECR-B Signature Programs: The idea is to have a branding and instill pride in the programs being worked by the team.

2.Learning Environment: A culture of learning and growth is maintained through technology specific and industry specific conferences organised by JFWTC.

3.Innovation Department: A constant focus on innovation is maintained through a variety of activities such as Business program Manager Challengers, innovation workshops by external experts, innovation process sharing with external companies, TRIZ training, tools, pilot projects, internal technical career path trainimng on innovation, innovation portal and idea management systems.

4.Customer connectivity: The indian session T (T for technology) held in 2006 broght together close to 100 GE customers and GE engineering, research, sales and marketing teams.

5. Cross JFWTC collaboration

A must read for all CSIR scientists.

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