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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tank Simulator from Zen Technologies

Business Standard carried this interesting article on competition for Tank Simulator. Indian firm Zen Technologies and Canadian firm CAE are in the race to supply 80 simulators for T-72 & T90 tank regiments. Russians who suplied those Tanks complained of IPR infringement.

Zen Technologies is a great Indian technology venture. They had put all their money on developing new products and I remember they operated from rented premises while developing their first major project `Small Arm Training Simulator' with partcial financial support from DSIR under PATSER. That product was a great success, hundreds of para military forces/ police improved their responses by training on the simulator. Their next project supported by DSIR is Simulator with 6 DOF - a technologically complex system and they did come with a successful model backed by patents.
The realistic environment they created for their simulator training is India specific , can be integrated with confidential terrain maps and must be a critical factor for users.
My vote is for Zen -the Indian Innovator

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