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Thursday, March 25, 2010

AVAZ from Invention Lab, Chennai

Very happy to read about this TePP facilitated innovation in `The Better India'. Dr Gangi Reddy as TUC coordinator connected the innovator Ajit Narayanan to TePP. wish the startup all success. It is another great story from Better India- read on


Monideepa said...

Very happy to learn about this invention. But how does one know more about the technology, the cost, and more importantly how to get in touch with its inventor?

vinitha said...

How can assessment be arranged for the suitability of the machine, how much is the cost.

Anonymous said...

I am the innovator, Ajit Narayanan. Thanks to Dr A S Rao for your kind words of encouragement. For more information about AVAZ, please visit our website,