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Friday, January 21, 2011

India Fast Growth 25

AllWorld Network has created  “The India Fast Growth 25” uncovering the next wave of vetted, test-driven growth entrepreneurs from India.As a group, the India 25 grew an astonishing 481% between 2007 and 2009, much higher than other AllWorld Rankings in the Middle East and Africa.  These 25 emerging companies created 6,903 jobs since inception; most expect to grow 50% or more in the next six months, and the majority plan to start another company in the next two years.  Speaking to the global orientation of the companies, almost 50% of their revenues are generated from outside India.
  • The winners for India 25 represent 10 Industries, and the top 5 itself indicate the diverse emerging high growth industries of India which are Information Technology, Travel and Tourism, Media and Entertainment, Agriculture and HealthCare.
  • The number 1 company is, one stop shop for bus ticketing service across India, growing at 4823% between 2007 and 2009.  Co-Founded by Phanindra Sama and Charan Padmaraju, their vision is to maintain their market leadership position in next 5 years.
  • India 25 represents 8 cities with Mumbai and Bangalore represented by 6 companies each.
  • The Ranked Companies average of 650 million Rupees in revenue in 2009, and 279 employees, with the smallest applicant having 23 million Rupees in revenue and the largest close to 3.8 billion Rupees. The Companies to Watch are much smaller.
  • The average cost of start Company was 9.1 million Rupees, 63% of the companies were self financed at the inception.
  • The founders were an average of 28 years old when they started their company. The youngest founder was 17 when he started his business.
  • India 25 also showcases the emerging focus on R&D in India, 40% of companies invest over 10% of the revenue in R&D activities.

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