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Thursday, August 11, 2011

India Resource Centre for Vision Impaired

India Resource Center Vision Impaired , promoted by TePP innovator MS Raju will be inaugurated  at Visakhapatnam on 23-08-2011. Resource Center is a permanent open-access exhibition/demo/training/ guidance facility to give advice, encouragement and technological help to vision impaired persons, students, parents and teachers. It provides guidance to students as well as parents on educational choices, on Integrated/Inclusive schools, and how to upgrade skills. It will provide sourcing information and recommendation on devices that help Vision Impaired. The centre will provide cybercafe facility for the Vision impaired with expert attendant guidance for browsing and emailing. 

Vision Impairment (Low Vision or Blindness) is not a disease but is a condition. It cannot be cured but has to be managed. This resource center which will showcase and guide on all techniques and devices that help Vision Impaired lead productive lives.
Some exhibits: 
A. For Low Vision- Near viewing devices- Bar Magnifiers, Handheld Magnifiers, Folding / Pocket Magnifiers, Illuminated Magnifiers, Stand Magnifiers, Stand Magnifiers with cut out for writing, Dome Magnifiers,Spectacle Magnifiers, Base-in Spectacles, Reading Stand, Table Lamp, Fresnel Magnifiers , CCTV (Camera Mouse) Camera Mouse Scan/Stand options
B. For Low Vision - Distance viewing devices-Handheld Telescope, Bio Optic Telescope Telescope , Spectacle Optima Distance Viewer, Pinhole Spectacles
C. For Low Vision- Living aids and household aid- Needle Threder Notex (Currency guide), Typoscope (Line writing guide), Signature Guide, Large font Calculator, Peack cap Spectacles & Colour filters, Amsler Chart
D. Devices for the Blind
E. Educational Devices and Information (for LV and Blind students, teachers & training institutions)
F. Knowhow for institutions desiring to serve Vision Impaired
G. Books and Documents 
H. Charts and Literature
J. Live Training Classes (-3 days a week)
K. Live Cybercafe for vision Impaired (Subject to Cybercafe regulations)
L. Certificate Courses

Vision Aid Charitable Services Society
16-2-19, Official Colony, Vizag-2
Ph: 91 984949880, 91 9441968176

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