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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Cleaning lakes of water hyacinth- Innovation from Hyderabad

Growth of water hyacinth has been prolific in many lakes resulting in breeding of vectors and consequently causing endemic diseases.  De-weeding/hyacinth control or removal is practiced with biological, chemical, mechanical and manual measures. Imported harvesters are used for cleaning Dal Lake. Most others either try manual methods but regeneration being faster than removal, lakes sooner than later get covered with water hyacinth. Residents at most locations gave up hope of seeing clean water or fish. 
This problem is addressed in Hyderabad by developing a mobile cutter, which can be brought upto the lake front. I had an opportunity to see this clearing during my visit to Hyderabad on 30th September. See the photographs. 
Want to clear your lake- write to Creative Minds-Innovators cooperative,    Creative Minds, 1-1-336/64, vivek nagar colony, Chikkadapally, Hyderabad 500 002,


SteveK said...

Looks great at the edge. How does it handle the middle of the lake? Are you using the biomass? It is fiber, compost, fuel and biochar waiting for your use. How much would one of these cost, delivered to Lake Victoria?

Sreekumar said...

Steve please check this website
shows how hyacinth can be used for generating high quality methane gas
for collecting from middle of lake check out this video

Jasveen Jairath said...

Bio remediation of lakes is well known and we have an expert in Hyderabad central university but his talent is not tapped by local govt that goes in for high cost external expertise that imposes high cost on public finance.jasveen jairath.