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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Next Wave of Technology Partnering

India has not adopted the import-innovate-export paradigm of ASEAN countries, yet the
gains in absorption capacity of Indian firms seem impressive. As India has not followed the
trajectory of ASEAN neighbors, it is interesting to examine the future scenarios of technology

Would large Indian firms form strategic alliances or scale-up sponsored research
Will there be more joint ventures with European SMEs? 

This paper looks at the work of several authors on Indian technological capabilities and state of university Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs). Taking into account the move away from joint ventures to specialists for disembodied knowledge and need for TTOs to capitalize long tail of low revenue technologies, a scenario is projected for next wave of technology partnering. 
It is envisaged there would be a pipe, choke full of technologies, connecting knowledge clusters with production clusters, cutting across nations. IT tools reducing transaction costs and national
measures enforcing IP rights could be the key enablers.

Read the paper at: ASCI Journal of Management 41(1): 46–52
or write for complementary copy.

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