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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Innovation awards for MSMEs: Drugs/Pharmaceuticals/Bio-pharmaceuticals- Hyderabad cluster

Several interesting innovations were shortlisted for this competition. Few given here;
1.Dr C Suresh Reddy of Nippy Chemicals developed AKG (Alpha Keto Glutoric Acid disodium salt) in partnership with DRDO. The product protects soldiers when they inhale cyanide.
2.Grace Drugs & Pharmaceuticals introduced in Indian market Liquid Filled two piece hard (Gelatin/ HPMC) capsules an alternative to Soft Gelatin technology.
3. Ocean Pharmacoat pvt ltd specializes in development of modified release pellets ( Ready to fill in capsules).
4.Herbochem developed process for extraction of Anti malarial drug-Artemesinin and farming practice for cultivation on over 1500 acres.
5.Nakoda Chemicals developed anti ulcer drug (Ecabet Sodium) and introduced the generic version in Japan.
6.Yegna Manojayam Drugs & Chemicals developed a process to reduce effluents by 50% cutting cost of production of Antibacterial formulations.
7. JC Biotech Pvt Ltd developed a commercially viable and eco friendly fermentation technology for manufacture of DHA, isolating microorganism from fallen mangrove leaves of Coringa river in East Godavari.
8. Symed labs limited invented a novel crystalline form of antibacterial API Linezolid.
9.Sigachi Chloro Chemicals developed a novel filtration technique for manufacture of Micro crystalline cellulose (MCC).
10.IMIS Pharmaceuticals developed  in-house a Capsule polishing devices at a fraction of brush type machine available in market.

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