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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Commercialization of major agro innovations-Slow-Release Micronutrient Fertilizer and Liquid Feriliser

Attended NIABI 2012 and made a brief presentation on Design for Diffusion. While I talked about diffusion theory, my co-speakers Ms Gupta (FICCI) and Dr Vyas (AAU) gave practical examples of diffusion by way of  licensing to LARGE Indian firms. 
First is on Slow Release Micronutrient Fertiliser , result of 2 decades of passion & effort by Scientist Dr Chandrika Varadachari, one of the few Young Scientists whose potential was recognized early by DST and the scientist delivered. Great work by FICCI, Nirankar & his team connecting innovators to Indian firms. Second is Liquid Fertiliser  ( Anubhav Liquid Bio-fertilizers) developed by Anand Agricultural University and technology licensed to GSFC. Again a great achievement by Dr RV Vyas and his team.

Many more opportunities for in-licensing by Indian firms: Agribusiness Knowledge Centre (AKC), NAARM campus, Hyderabad has prepared report `Technology Assessment and Commercialisation Evaluation' of selected agribusiness innovations as a follow of Technology Commercialisation workshop held at NAARM (Sept 29th to 1st october 2011). For copies contact: DSK Rao, Director, Agribusiness Knowledge Centre, NAARM Campus, Rajendra Nagar,Hyderabad - 500 407, Tel:   +91-40-24581380, Cell:  +91-9440051847


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Dr.AS Rao
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