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Friday, May 25, 2012

Search for new Standards in The Universities for Research and Innovation Bill 2012

What is needed to be called University for Research and Innovation?

For the purposes of determination of standards in higher education, every University for Research and Innovation shall determine and declare, on its website, the standards of such education sought to be provided in such University in its teaching, learning and research:

Provided that the standards so determined and declared by such University shall be higher than the minimum standards in the relevant field of knowledge as specified by or under any other law:
Provided further that where no standards have been determined by or under any law in the relevant field of knowledge, the standards so determined and declared by the University shall aim to maximize relative global scales in the relevant field of knowledge:
Provided also that where a dispute arises between such University and a regulatory authority constituted by any law to determine and coordinate standards of higher education in any discipline or field of knowledge, such dispute shall be referred to a committee of three persons of international eminence and standing of whom—
(i) one person shall be nominated by the regulatory body impugning the standards;
(ii) one person shall be nominated by such University for Research and Innovation, which has determined the standards so impugned;
(iii) one person shall be nominated by a University for Research and Innovation, chosen in such manner as may be prescribed, other than such University which has determined the standards so impugned:

Is this the best way to set standards for Innovation Universities ???

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