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Thursday, June 07, 2012

CSIR plans to set up `Institute of synthetic and systems biology'

As per reports, DG, CSIR informed press of plans to set up a new institute called 'the Institute of synthetic and systems biology" and is looking for a suitable place.It aims to minimize or replace medication with right kind of foods by dipping into the vast traditional Indian knowledge systems. Apart from taking a hard look at regional food consumption patterns, the institute will drive home the importance of micro-nutrients in promoting health. “There is ample bacteria in the gut and the scientists are now trying to understand the foods that will help design bacteria within the human body to control many diseases. There are a number of nutritional pathways. Researchers are viewing the foods specific to each state and their genetic impact on people of those region,” said Prof. Brahmachari and added that this is where Systems Biology comes into the picture where the science of metabolites and haemostatic functions can be modified in the body itself.

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Anonymous said...

again they going to waste government money. investment is cores and cores but output is nothing.