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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Microsoft shares data on 40,786 patents it owns or controls: How many of them are from India?

Microsoft’s initiative showcases a new openness, stripping away the cloak of corporate secrecy, while embracing the existing patent system. The company has gone so far as to provide a downloadable data file of all Microsoft patents: all 40,786 of them as of March 25.
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How may of them are from India?
Wedge Blluetooth Touch Mouse
Computer Mouse
Table-Based Low-Level Image Classification System
Ergonomic and Functionally-Efficient Race-Track Button Arrangement Circumferentially Coupled to a Display Device
Veda - keyboard, 
Veda - computer housing
Icon For A Portion Of A Display Screen (69)
User Interface For A Portion Of A Display Screen(131 patents)
Task Bar (6)
Alt-Tab Window (transparent window)
List View Slider (updated)
Start Menu - Updated Comprehensive Smoked Glass
Set of Portions of a Display Screen(4)
Portion of a Display Screen(33)
Friend With Controller Icon
Xenon Skin File Icon
Xenon Signed Out Icon
Xenon Console/Signed In Icon
Xenon Console Icon
Aux Display UI Static with Taskbar
Aux Display UI Static without Taskbar
Inverted Start Menu white and black swapped
Start Menu- Inverted layout opaque
Start Menu - comprehensive opaque smoke glass
Core UI  (9)
Login Progress Bar
Login Screen Entry - tile, 2 boxes, arrow
Start Menu - Left Column Appearance
Control Panel - Personalization icon
Connection Manager icon
Network Fax Icon
Network Map Icon
Network Icon
Network and Sharing Center icon
Network Folder Icon
desktop USB base (small phone) - overall design
tanjay base (large phone)
Icon for a Portion of a Display Screen (Apps - Updated Blue Journal by itself and with new orientation)
Method and systems for asymmetric supersampling rasterization of image data
Media Case
system for storing session data to a specified data offset on a sequential access storage medium
An apparatus for adaptively routing messages and method thereof
channel selection in wireless networks with network nodes equipped with more than one radio transceiver
Method for processing video data
managing data with backup server indexing
Method to configure a bluetooth logical link control and adaptation protocol channel
creating frequent application-consistent backups efficiently
retaining shadow copy data during replication
Secure Media Path Methods, Systems, and Architectures
System and method for visual group interface for group connectivity
Process mode independent single implementation driver model
A computer -implemented method to manage access to a plurality of shared storage units
Systems and methods for creating virtual network topology
system and methods for providing controllable texture sampling
Formatting multimedia programming information for electronic transfer
A computer system and a method for operating a platform portable virtual machine running on the computer system.

It is time that our R&D data is revised taking into account work done at MNC R&D centers in India?

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