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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Trillion dollars investment needed to add substance to India Innovation decade declaration

Innovation is on the agenda of the nation. Government declared innovation Decade, set up National Innovation Council, increased plan outlay of scientific departments, working on Rs 5000 crore Inclusive Innovation fund and private sector scene is more exciting with over 50 incubators/ accelerators and stream of announcement of startups getting seed capital, risk capital .
Amidst all the noise, the data on IP generation, acquisition, leveraging is lost.
As per BCG  developing economies and their leading companies move through five common phases of IP development: driving growth through exports, climbing the value ladder, paying the price, getting serious about intellectual property, and profiting from intellectual property. China with large exports and spurt in patenting is in Phase 2  and would need invest 50 times more to move to  next phase.
India needs to invest heavily in both IP generation and IP acquisition. Any estimate?
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