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Friday, December 20, 2013

Seeking Foot, Nail & Leg Care Technologies/Devices

SkyQuest,  is looking at licensing/acquiring electric/battery operated technologies/devices or products with applications in foot care, nail care and leg care.
Required features:
  • Technology/Device for use on nails, feet and/or legs;
  • Applications of the Technology/Device should be ranging from buffering or exfoliation of skin, filing/nail care and/or massage;
  • Technology/Device operable via battery or powered electronically;
  • If battery operated, then recharging source should also be available;
  • The Technology/Device should be in market/near commercialization.
Markets to be commercialized: Worldwide.

Please note that we will not considertechnology/devices for hair removal or which are manually operated.
To submit a technology, write to or

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