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Saturday, March 22, 2014

CDAC Mohali Designed Digital Stethoscope

CDAC Mohali has developed a wireless Digital Stethoscope The device works with a wired headset as well as with a Bluetooth enables wireless headset. The heartbeat analysed through the device can be displayed on a mobile handset and the data can be stored on a laptop. 
Compared to a commercially available digital stethoscope, that costs about `60,000/-, CDAC developed Digital Stethoscope will cost around `6,000/- (prototype) plus `2,000/- for the Bluetooth Headset. 

The key features of the Wireless Digital Stethoscope: 

• Picks up sounds directly from the body surface 
• Improves low frequency sounds characteristics through the use of Advance filtering technique 
• Audio frequency band for heart and lung sounds:20 Hz to 320 Hz 
• Op Amp Gain: 40dB 
• Sampling rate: 4KHz with Sample Averaging 
• Wireless transmission over Bluetooth 
• Power supply: 3.6 V Chargeable Battery with on board charging 
• MCU based volume control 
• Analog output port for headphone 
• Battery life: 100 hours of continuous power operation 
• Handheld portable device 
• Supported by Mobile application to capture wireless data and plot the graph of acoustic signal from heart and lungs 

The trials of the device are presently underway. Technology transfer process is also likely to start shortly. Interested parties may contact Shri D.K. Jain (Executive Director), Telemedicine LAB & Bio-Medical, CDAC, Mohali (

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