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Monday, April 21, 2014

3D holographic projection technology

A new complex technology pioneered by Indian politicians? Well, that is 3D Holographic projection technology introduced into the country by Modi and now adopted by KCR, Chandrababu Naidu and others.
Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft Corp, made a virtual appearance at the “World Congress on 
Information Technology 2008”, where he was reproduced on stage as a holographic simulation.The size of the projection was 4.6m and appeared in front of the audience of around 400 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.
Three-dimensional holographic projection technology is loosely based on an illusionary technique called Peppers Ghost, and was first used in Victorian theatres across London in the 1860s. In August 2009, Endemol, the producers of the famous reality TV show Big Brother, working together with activ8-3D holographic projections, beamed housemates' friends and families into the house to deliver messages of support and encouragement. In January 2009 Coco-Cola gave a holographic sales conference presentation in Prague for over 800 people. Senior directors of the company were beamed into the stage as 3D holograms before giving a presentation about how the Coco-Cola brand has evolved over the years. The content of the presentation was also in the form of 3D holographic projections. Musion Systems have installed the UK's first 3D - Eyeliner™ Holographic projection system to appear in a retail mall as part of the new Toyota retail concept store launched at Bluewater Shopping Centre. Visitors can see a full sized car rotating in mid-air. 

In India the system is introduced by Mani Shankar and Raj Kasu, promoters of NChant3D sourcing technology from Musion, UK. Inventor UWE MAAAS invented the first polarised 3D laser projector and founded Musion Germany in 1997 and built the first Eyeliner for an event by jewellery giant Swarovski.

Future: Holographic meetings replacing video conferencing? Mahatma Gandhi seeking votes for congress?
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