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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

CII Industrial Innovation Awards 2014

Total 81 applications were received all across India and from leading companies under different award categories. After the first level of submission and subsequent online jury top 65 have been selected for the 2nd stage. Two level of screening were carried out on these 65 organizations, consisting of Onsite Jury Assessment (In direct interaction with organizations and Assessors) and Final Jury (physical meeting of Assessors to evaluate the results) and top 23 were shortlisted for the Grand Jury. In addition the Final Jury has also recommended to consider 3 more organizations to be part of top 26 most innovative organization for the year 2014.  After the successful conclusion of Grand Jury for the CII Industrial Innovation Awards 2014 top 26 innovations have been identified as the top innovation driven organizations for the year 2014.

CII Industrial Innovation Awards 2014 Winners are:

Grand Winner (Overall): Bilcare Ltd.
Manufacturing Sector MSME: Pluss Polymers Pvt Ltd & AP Organics ltd

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