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Saturday, April 04, 2015

AP government offers commercial orders (post-project) to innovators

India Innovators often complain that for all their efforts, they often get awards but no rewards. Public procurement still has no place for commercial products/ solutions developed by Indian innovators. AP Govt now offers start-ups the lifeline in the form of preferential market access, valued upto Rs 50 crores annually. As per the policy:
Eligibility: (Any Startup/ MSME/Enthusiastic First Generation Technocrats/ Entrepreneurs from Andhra Pradesh, with an annual turnover between Rs 50 lakhs and Rs.25 cr, in Electronics and IT sectors can apply with suo moto proposals.
subjects/themes:  Identity and Access Management, e-Service Delivery, Cloud services, Knowledge Management, Software Defined Networks, Social Benefits Management Systems, Project Portfolio Management, Location Based services, Disaster Management, GIS-based applications in the areas of Urban Development, Agriculture & Rural Development, Water Resources Management, Mines & Minerals, Forest & Environment, Disaster Management, Tourism Development, Development of GIS Databases & Layers, Traffic Management, Management of Utilisation of various assets through the use of GIS, Government/ Community lands Management (Section D6 of the Blueprint) , Localization Products and Tools namely, content development in Telugu and thereby bridging the digital divide, development of language technologies for text to speech and speech to text, voice recognition, machine translation, voice web, to enable language independent delivery of services. (Section D3 of the Blueprint), Use of Social Media by Government agencies in lines with the Framework and Guidelines by GoI.(Page 37 of the Blueprint).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks the AP Govt. for this type of Program.We are interested to re-use or re-cycling process of the daily natural waste(vegetable and animal) of city and township for production of livestock pet animals and organic fertilizer.