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Friday, April 08, 2016

Global Biopharma Innovation- ranking

ITIF released a new report ranking nations on bio-pharma innovations. The parameters chosen are:
1. Government R&D as percentage of GDP.
2. Drug price control.
3. Data exclusivity.

With these parameters the ranking about India is obvious- at the bottom. But there will be more global innovations coming from India than those ranked higher,

  • the R&D investment in India is significantly higher than most others in terms of productivity of R&D investment in India. If  cumulative R&D man-hours is an indicator India's rank would b much higher. 
  • Relationship between price control of essential drugs , mostly generic versions and innovation is not academically established.
  • Data exclusivity is a perfectly justifiable revenue maximization effort of commercial firms, but there is weak link between data exclusivity benefits of commercial firms and source of innovation- public R&D.   

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