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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

National IPR policy

The National Policy like most other policy documents will carry nothing objectionable. Is it actionable? Will it be productive? 

Awareness: Is government required to spend money on creating IPR awareness? There is certainly no shortage of information on Internet. Organizing awareness workshops, promotion meetings is the easy option and many government departments have been doing this  and this only.
Generating IPR:  If numbers are important, Chinese scale up model adding utility patents can be followed. Again , is IPR generation independent of Innovation promotion? Do we want a mountain of patents but no innovations?
Legal and legislative Framework: This is government job. We will know about this only when laws are amended. 
Administration and Management: This again is government job. Hope search for Indian patents will be as smooth as USPTO.
Commercialization of IPR:  This is new item on table. Products are commercialized and patents are licensed. This cannot be a end of pipeline activity.  

Conclusion:  The focus of government has to be on innovation promotion , IP generation and commercialization are not independent activities. Government should focus on legislation and administration. 

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