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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Construction of highways to nuclear plants on soft soil-Chinese invention

High Vacuum Densification Method (HVDM) is offered by Geoharbour group , China. Using this technology, the firm reclaimed land, constructed highways to nuclear power plants. Details :

In recent limited years, over 20 inventions have been proposed by the Company and approved by the state intellectual authority, including HVDM Soft Soil Treatment Method (ZL01127046.2), Surcharge Preloading Combining HVDM (ZL200410014257.9) and Composite Foundation Combining HVDM (ZL200510134966.5), etc. These inventions are options for site treatments of varied geological conditions and requirements. Advancements have been made with regards to concepts, calculations, construction specifications and field tests. Inventions have obtained PCT certificates and registered in over twenty countries.

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