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Friday, April 21, 2006

Australian Innovation Festival

The Australian Innovation Festival is a national event established in 2002 to celebrate Australian innovation. Its vision is to increase public awareness of the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship through a renewed emphasis on the three pillars of economic growth - excellence in research, development and commercialisation.

There are five major objectives, which determine the future directions of the Festival, namely:

· Demonstrate the value of research, development and commercialisation.

· Profile Australia's intellectual capital.

· Reinforce the innovation and entrepreneurial process, from idea to market.

· Facilitate networking between innovators and investors; and

· Collaborate nationally and with each Australian State & Territory.

The Australian Innovation Festival performs a key role in ‘value adding’ a greater awareness of the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship. In this regard, the most important determinant of the Festival’s success is the level of support, commitment and engagement from existing event organisers.
In the current year The Australian Innovation Festival, will run from the 26th April to 14th May 2006. The 2006 Festival will see a renewed focus on the '4Cs - Creativity, Connections, Collaboration and Commercialisation' which highlight the importance of innovation in Australia business and enterprise.

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