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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Innovation for India awards

Innovation for India Awards have been instituted by Innovation for India-Marico Foundation and Business world. Innovation for India-Marico Foundation , a not-for-profit organisation was created by Marico Limited in partnership with Erehwon Innovation Consulting in March 2003 under the stewardship of Dr. Ramesh Mashelkar. The foundation's mission is to search for directions to the questions :
• Why do we as Indians, believe that innovation and quantum growth necessarily comes from the West? How can we reverse this flow?
• What does it take, instead, to put India onto the global map by leveraging Indian knowledge and know-how?
• How can we learn to multiply and create vast numbers of innovators by design? Who can then, go on to ignite others?
• Who are those that can act as lighthouses of innovation that others can emulate and learn from?

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