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Saturday, September 23, 2006

ESQUBE Communications Solutions Pvt Ltd

Red Herrings list of hottest communications startups in Asia includes Esqube
Communications, Bangalore.
"It could be daunting for a startup to have Skype, GoogleTalk, and Yahoo as competitors. But Esqube Communications has turned these challenges to its advantage to build low-cost and low-bandwidth voice, video, and voicemail solutions in the Internet telephony space. These products also work on a mobile platform, a feature that the likes of GoogleTalk lack. Esqube is pinning its hopes on its toll-free VoIP product, meant to replace 1-800 service. However, having one high-profile customer ( will not suffice; Esqube needs to bring in more customers and either partner with or license its technology to established players sooner rather than later".
This start-up was creation of Dr. H S Jamadagni, CEDT, IISc, Dr. T V Sreenivas, ECE, IISc, Dr. K V S Hari, CEO (on leave from IISc) and Dr. V Chandrasekar, ISB, Hyderabad

Click for details of this faculty start-up firm.

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