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Friday, January 26, 2007


This seminar held on 19th & 20th January 2007 presented a glimpse of the current trends in Communication and Information Technology and showcased some of the products and technologies developed by C-DAC(T) in recent years. Some of the commercially attractive technologies on offer include:
a) An intelligent area traffic control system, which adjusts the signal duration in accordance with traffic conditions -in real time. This was proven at Pune.
b) E- nose for Tea industry ( developed by CDAC , Calcutta)
c) Station indicator in AC coaches.
d)Digital hearing aid: The hardware-design group has developed a low-cost DPHA (digital programmable hearing aid) that a user wears on his body. The DPHA-1 device employs a proprietary ASIC and embedded DSP to deliver stable amplification characteristics over a wide dynamic range.CDAC's DPHA-1 features a digital volume control to eliminate the crackling-noise characteristic of conventional hearing aids and incorporates frequency-dependent filtering to match its output to the audiogram of the user. You can reprogram the device in the field with PC-based software to tailor the output to match the user's hearing characteristics over a period of time.Unlike conventional analog hearing aids, you can tailor DPHAs to improve clarity of speech, reduce background noise, and help control unwanted loudness. You can also program them to make automatic adjustments in a variety of settings.
e) Contact less smart card
f) 2500 KVA unified power controller
g) Hybrid electric vehicle
h) Ultrasonic liquid level sensor

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