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Saturday, June 16, 2007

CHOIS gets the first licensee

Sky n Land, the first Licensee company for CHOIS (Converged Home and Office Interactive Services) Technology, has appointed its first CHOIS Franchisee in Mangalore city. The Franchisee, Access Online, will be responsible for providing each home with a 100 Mb Ethernet fibre connection. The CHOIS Franchisee will also be providing comprehensive services for CHOISpad and CHOISpc at each home, through a CHOIS Head-end. Sky n Land is currently in process of appointing additional Franchisees in different regions in India and Abroad. This will trigger off the era for the Next Generation Video Internet and Smart Homes. CHOIS Technology is an end-to-end technology for enabling Next Generation Video Internet Services. This pioneering technology has been invented by Innomedia Technologies, Bangalore, a technology innovation company of the Reliance Communications, Mumbai. Sky n Land, Mumbai, a company promoted by pan-IITians, was appointed as the first Licensee in May 2007.
Interested -contact "Mohan Tambe"


Aravind said...

may i get the website for Sky n land

Dr.A.S.Rao said...

Contact Mr Sushil Deorah at