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Monday, January 07, 2008

Innovation for India Awards 2007-8

Marico Innovation Foundation, invites nomination for Innovations in business and social sector. last date 10th Jaunary. Awards will be given on 19th March.

To be eligible to qualify for an award,

· The applicant must have been directly involved in the breakthrough/ innovation journey/ process (may be the work of one person, a few people or a large team or department). No third party consultants should have been involved in the process.

· Consultants may enter work they have done for clients. (In this case, they should enclose a statement from the client agreeing to be interviewed for the in-context audit and featured in the relevant publications if the entry wins)

· The innovation must be well defined. The description of the innovation must specify clearly why the product, process or business system has had an impact and why it should be considered INNOVATIVE and UNIQUE.

· The innovation must be one that has been implemented or has yielded results within the last 5 years. All innovations that have been implemented and demonstrated results after 2002 are eligible.

Application form:

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