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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Technology 2020

A recent report by the Rand Corporation (Silberglitt and others 2006) examines some 56 emerging technologies expected to be commercially available by 2020 and evaluates in detail the 16 judged to be most important on the basis of technical feasibility, marketability, and societal impact.These applications include improvements in health services (targeted drug delivery, improved diagnostic and surgical methods), in access to information (rural wireless
communications, quantum cryptography), and in the environmental sustainability of products and services (improved water purification, green manufacturing, hybrid vehicles).

An interesting part is what India is expected to lag behind industrial countries- gap areas are:
  • Ubiquitous information access
  • Tissue engineering
  • Pervasive sensors
  • Wearable computers
An opportunity for Indian innovators to prove pundits wrong.

source: world Bank report on Technology Diffusion in developing countries.

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