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Friday, August 29, 2008

TATA NEN Hottest Startups Awards

TATA has joined with NEN to bring these Awards, with support from Major Partners Helion, Seedfund, Mint and Wadhwani Foundation.Eligibility for start-up:
  • A registered business (not an idea or plan)
  • Headquartered in India
  • 5 years or younger (founded in 2003 or after)
  • Independent business - not subdivision
The nomination open on August 27 and closes on October 22 and nomination are invited from public. For details:

1 comment:

Gaurav Mittal said...

This award is looking like a realty show; every one can vote for the nominees irrepective whether they know the founder, product/services and it's value. People (Including us) are mass mailing to every one to vote irrespective we know or don't know whom we send the mails. Even the people voting for the startups may/may not know the importance of this award for startups. But one thing, I can say that overall it is giving us an opportunity to showcase our product/services to our potential clients. It helps startups to gain confidence of the customers, who hesistate to buy product or services from a startups. My company (ITCONS e-Solutions - is also nominated for this Award; the moment we started sending mails to our potential clients, we started getting good response from potential clients whom we had been talking to for a long time and were considering them as closed chapter.