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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Webguard against web page defacement

AU-KBC Centre has come out with this product, WEBGUARD, an internet security appliance.WebGuard complements firewall security by adding a last line of defence against hacker sabotage of the corporate Web site, even if all other security systems fail. The WebGuard specializes in foiling Web site defacements, thus saving its users expensive downtime, public embarrassment, and legal complications. It automatically replaces defacements with copies of the proper data. Instead of checking whether the people accessing a Web server are the right people, the WebGuard checks whether the data exiting the Web server is the right data — the right text, numbers, pictures, etc. WebGuard prototype setup consists of a 400 MHz Intel Celeron uniprocessor machine with 128 MB RAM, running RedHat GNU/Linux 7.3. This prototype easily scales up to load intensities of 100 page requests per minute.

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