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Friday, October 31, 2008

9 web tools to kickstart your creativity

Lyndi Lawson lists 9 web tools to kick start creativity. Details at gottaquirk.

Openness of western nations to adopt creativity tools is perplexing considering our belief Creativity is given (comes with birth), which cannot be improved by training, tools, techniques.
After seeing about 10,000 ideas I was disappointed at the quality of our creative thinking. It is easier to come to the conclusion that there are great stock of creative ideas , hidden somewhere, only people like us entrusted with the responsibility of nurturing those creative ideas are unable to reach them. It goes against national pride to accept that we are not creative enough to build an innovative nation. I am trying to push a proposal to establish a center for training trainers in creativity.

If you feel that country desperately needs one such an institute, write to me.

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Kuldeep Varma said...

I absolutely agree with your remark that the country is in need to creativity institute.

In my understanding of creativitiy (my work in creativity is "creative technologies and consultancy" which made a website as a start which you covered in your blog a security feeling for the brain that my basic everyday living is take care of. i.e. I have food,water,shelter. Only then can the brain think of going to places never gone before which then result in creative ideas.

Does a person have the security feeling in India? He has to spend most of his time ensuring basic things for himself and family which he does by doing what has been previously done. This leaves no time,desire to think about "what if I do it this way" which many a times generates a creative idea.
Kuldeep Varma