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Monday, October 20, 2008

NVI finalists 2008

Several clean technologies were exhibited during the Investor Forum 2008 organised by New Ventures India. Ecoreco Eco_recycling Limted is an e-waste management company. Eco Vehicles is electric bike manufacturer, Accura Bikes is another one. Calcium Silicate insulation is manufactured by Megha Insulations Private Limited.
Start-up Polymeric Sensors Private Limited developed sensors to test potability of water.Pro Nature produces a comprehnsive range of branded certified organic food products.skyshade brings day light to indoors. Unidyne Energy Environment offers systems for aste heat recovery. Discarded marine contaiers are modified into portable offices, toilets etc by Visakha Trades. Autoboxx provides smart building management systems for small area site from 100 square feet onwards.

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