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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Global Innovation Networks (GIN): monograph on Electronics by Dieter Ernst

This monograph titled `A new geography of knowledge in the electronics industry? Asia's role in Global Innovation Networks' gives a detailed account of GIN, that integrates dispersed engineering, product developments and research activities across geographic borders. Innovative capabilities require R&D and patents and also soft capabilities such as:
  • sense and respond to market trends
  • recruit and retain knowledge workers
  • engage in global sourcing of knowledge from components to ideas
  • raise money
  • deliver unique and user friendly designs
  • develop innovation process management
  • manage knowledge exchange
  • participate in global standard setting
  • develop branding strategy
Obviously the `soft skills' are in short supply.

What ails Indian electronic industry. Has the downfall started with renaming `Department of Electronics' to `Department of Information Technology'?
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