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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Innovations 2010 , Pune

'Innovations' is an annual event organized by the Pune Chapter of IIT Bombay Alumni Association to foster innovation in the society. The event showcases selected novel ideas in practice, and provides a platform for the innovators to disseminate their ideas to a wider and well-connected audience. The event primarily focus on Innovations originating from Science and Technology. In the past, innovations in the form of processes, products and applications from varied fields such as medicine, agriculture, mechanical/electronic/chemical technology, IT products, etc. have been showcased. The selection of the innovations to be showcased is done through a panel of experts drawn from various application areas.They also work with the selected innovators to fine tune their presentation and bring out the unique features.

Meet the innovators, watch their innovations in action, listen to sucessful innovators who have scaled up their ideas to commercial success! For more information, please visit

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