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Monday, June 21, 2010

Is there R&D in I.T?

This strange question often surfaces in discussion with IT companies. The answer is given by Shivanand in compiling chapters for the book `Research by Design: Innovation and TCS'.

TCS started as distributor of Burrough's in India and Burrough's in those days was one of top three with strengths in micro-programming and software architecture. TCS trained the initial batch of engineers in application development at Burroughs and third parties. JRD, the visionary created TRDDC, invested in research people and reaped dividends by creating new markets for TCS.
One illustration is software development environment for TCS Quartz banking product started in 1994, established effectiveness in 1997 and released as branded product MasterCraft in 1999.Similarly process group developed indutrial plant operation product CemPac starting with mathematical models. Darpan, language independent program analysis tool generator, allowed customised software tools to be generated quickly to meet specific needs in TCS projects. CMC acquired by TCS, was started to maintain IBM machines, developed capabilities in enhancing IBM 1401, integrating peripherals imported from west with CPUs imported from east europe and finally blossomed under UNDP spported program `Technology Cooperation among developing countries.
The result- a major breakthrough was project-Swiss Securities Clearnace and Settlement system for SegaInterSettle. It took TCS to a whole new orbit in system integration in the financial servies industry.

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